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Ted Claypoole

Better Never Than Late? A CCPA Meditation

An oft-repeated cliché holds that law lags society. There may be frustrating reasons for this, as legislatures, regulators and judges slowly process changes in the ways we live and eventually determine which parts of these shifts demand legal attention. Important commercial inequities, consumer deceptions or intrusive technologies may […]

Deploying an Army of Robots

Social distancing probably won’t produce my personal jetpack. (I can’t imagine the amount of power needed to lift me off the ground through forced air – GE would need to make my engine.) However, the current crisis may accelerate the trend toward adoption of cool tech that has […]

Much Ado About Clearview

Companies called out for bad behavior often misdirect the conversation by saying – “Yes, but we do good things too!” The worst defense of bad behavior ventured by any company, in my opinion, is “Yes we are loathsome, but we create jobs.” Jobs are good, don’t get me […]