Are Humans Necessary?

Three seemingly unrelated topics coalesced in my head on this Independence Day Eve Day. First, I am reading proofs of my colleague and fellow HDD blogger Ted Claypoole’s excellent forthcoming new book “The Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines”, which discusses the ways AI will (and won’t […]

Opt Out: The Nevada Remix

Nevada recently passed a law requiring companies to honor opt-out requests from Nevada residents. Companies subject to the new act are prohibited from selling covered information to data brokers. So how does this law stack up to the CCPA and some of the other measures pending in various […]

The Gotham Road Not Taken

Not long ago, there was a bold proposal being considered by the New York state legislature that arguably would have changed the landscape of data privacy. Instead, the state legislature is proceeding on a less transformative, but significant nonetheless proposal. In the 2018 elections, Democrats seized control of […]

Say Pub Cheese

Remember when your high school guidance counselor threatened that your bad grades, crap attitude or sophomoric hi-jinx would become a part of your “permanent record” and follow you for the rest of your life.  While that might once have been a scare tactic, it’s becoming a harsh reality […]

Hey Data, Data Blog. Opening Statement

This blog is about technology and society.  It is about how humans, primarily Americans, incorporate technology and innovation into our systems by setting rules, defining boundaries, protecting the innocent, punishing the unjust, and recognizing/organizing entirely heretofore unseen sectors of economic growth. We are lawyers by trade and training.  […]